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The scope of this year's call is: The Paediatric Microbiome

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The full guidelines for applicants are available here:
GGGH Cycle Four Guidelines for Applicants

You are advised to prepare your application in a standalone document first before copying the elements into this form and to retain this document and share it with your institution's signing officer.

Please note that you are also expected to warrant that you have shared the GGGH pro forma funding agreement with your institution's funding office and received in principle approval, that requires no more than minor changes.
The funding agreement is available here:

GGGH Cycle Four Funding Agreement

The full terms and conditions of entry can be downloaded here:
GGGH Cycle Four Terms & Conditions

Further enquiries:

The Country selected for this year's Nature Mentoring Award is Brazil.  Primary Nomination Forms should be completed by 11th October.  Four supporting nomination forms and nominee consent forms should be completed by 18th October.

A.  Nomination Process

The Primary Nomination Form should be completed by you as the primary nominator. This is also known as FORM ONE.

Your nominee should be aware of their nomination as they will be asked to complete FORM TWO, which will be sent to them automatically once we have confirmed their eligibility. This form must be completed by 18th October; please make your nominee aware of this.

All primary nominations must be supported by four additional nominators, who will each be asked to complete a separate Supporting Nomination Form (FORM THREE).  Again, this will be sent automatically once we have confirmed the nominee's eligibility. This form must also be completed by 18th October; please make your fellow nominators aware of this.

All five nominators must be former mentees and must not all represent a single time period, although they may overlap.  

Responses on all documents must be in English.

When completing this form, as well as giving details of your nominee, you will be asked to enter the names of the four supporting nominators. 

As soon as  you have completed and submitted the form, you will recieve an email acknowledgement of your submission. 

Then, once Nature's staff have verified the candidate's eligibility, you will receive a series of five prompting emails. 

The first prompt will allow you to send the Nominee Form to the person you are proposing for the award.

The next four will allow you to send the Supporting Nomination Form to each of the supporters named in your original form.

Each of the completed additional forms will automatically be incorporated into the final submission package.

B.  Nomination Package

A complete nomination package consists of:

  •  This Primary Nomination Form - FORM ONE
  •  A completed nominee form - FORM TWO  including an uploaded CV of the nominee
  •  Four additional completed nomination forms,  from supporting nominators. FORM THREE

If all parts are not completed in full, the nomination cannot proceed to the judging rounds of the process.

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